Bingo Life Stories


Gambling is much more than just an entertainment or pastime. Behind each prize-winning case there is a life story waiting to be told. Some bingo news features the game as the happy ending in a fairy tale. Others however, are a bit more tragic. Let’s take a look at some of the latest stories worth sharing


Good Fortune and a Generous Heart

A very lucky mystery bingo goer won £20,000 this past March after playing the National Bingo Game at Johnstone’s Globe Bingo. So it seems faithfulness really paid off this time for the local resident who apparently had been going regularly for the past years scooped big prizes apart from the cash. As you see, The Globe Bingo is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and so there are extra prizes for all winners. As well as getting the money, the mystery woman also won a cruise to the Mediterranean for two which she kindly shared with her daughter.

As she later explained: “It’s my daughter’s 50th birthday this year and she always comes with me to the Globe Bingo. It’s only fair that she should have it”. The manager was also delighted as his words reveal: “This is a family-run business and we get to know our customers sometimes closely so we are really happy when one of them bags some cash”. When asked if this was the largest prize they had ever given away, he said: “There was a winner who got £100,000 some years ago, but 20 k is the highest prize in five years. When we inquired the winner about what she would do with the money she only smiled.


Sisters Torn Apart after Lifetime partnership

Stella and Ellie were born in the aftermath of World War II, just a year apart and did almost everything together. Their father passed away in the late sixties and they took over the small family business and kept it running. Despite their young age, they turned out to be very wise businesswomen and against all odds, managed to make a living for themselves and their aging mother who had always been ill. Neither of them ever married and after their mother died, they made a deal that they would look after each other and take care of their business. Some years ago, they sold their shop and retired. With more free time on their side, they started going to the local bingo every week. They had a pact, they said. If one should ever win anything, they would share it 50-50.

That was until last December when Stella aced it and got a £12,000 prize. Everything was happiness at first but then in Ellie’s words: “Stella just went mad. She started talking of how she had always wanted to travel alone, but never could and within days, broke the news to me that she was keeping the prize all to herself.” When inquired about this turn of events Stella said: “It’s not about the money, it’s about doing something by myself for once in my life.” Even when Stella has already booked her trip, the issue is now in legal dispute. Ellie has hired an attorney and says she will have justice done. “We had a verbal agreement and I can prove it; everyone knew about it and I have witnesses.” Stella would rather not speak about it. We will have to wait and see what the verdict is.


Bingo Game: A Matter of Life or Death?

A group of about 200 bingo players were horrified this past May 23rd when an 87-year-old pensioner dropped dead after having a heart attack at the Gala Bingo Hall. The lady who had been playing bingo for some time, felt ill and just dropped in the middle of one of the aisles in the hall. Although sad, this story is not unusual, what struck the players was that the personnel in the place told them to carry on with the game.

Even as the paramedics were performing CPR on the woman’s body, the tellers kept on shouting numbers. When some horrified players protested in annoyance, they were told to leave the place if they were not satisfied. On behalf of the Gala Bingo staff, a spokesperson announced: “A customer felt ill during the game and was treated by the emergency service, she was later taken to hospital were she passed away.” When inquired about the approach the staff had during the episode he said: “Our initial approach is to try to keep calm and quiet so that further stress and anxiety do not interfere with the work health professionals need to do. In this particular incident, we felt the best way was to go on with the game so that people would feel less upset. Our staff is well-trained and knows how to deal with this type of situation”.

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