Bingo Software Providers

Have you ever wondered why the majority of online bingo websites tend to look, and feel the same as each other? No, it’s not a coincidence, it is simply because most of the bingo websites on the internet use the same bingo software providers, but why is that? Let’s find out…

Bingo Software Providers, simply put, are the framework for the bingo websites we spend hours of our time at. Software providers give the bingo sites their features, and the games which they can provide for us. Because the software is usually fully customisable, a new bingo site can adjust the style, and the layout of their new website, to suit their needs.

If you have ever wondered why Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo look so familiar, yet so unique, it’s because they both use the ‘Virtue Fusion’ software to provide their theme, and the games they offer. They are completely different websites, with unique designs, but because they both use the same bingo software provider, the similarities are not that difficult to spot.

There are currently over 80 bingo software providers, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but despite this massive choice, the majority of online bingo websites are using just a small handful of them. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones in more detail.

Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

virtue fusion software

Virtue Fusion are another massively popular bingo software provider, who currently provide software for bingo powerhouses such as BGO Bingo, Coral Bingo, and Sky Bingo. What makes Virtue Fusion so popular with the big names? They seem to fill the voids that Dragonfish have left open, by offering full customisation of everything from the look, the features, all the way to individual buttons, and sounds. Virtue Fusion also offer multiple different currencies and language, which makes them extremely popular all over Europe.

Not only do Virtue Fusion offer unrivaled customisation of their software, they also provide site owners with exclusive games like Deal or No Deal Bingo, and Joker Jackpot. If you come across either of these games in the future, remember that you are playing on the Virtue Fusion Software!

Cassava Bingo Sites

Cassava Bingo Sites

While Cassava Enterprises do not actually own a bingo software themselves, they are the operators of the Dragonfish Software, and are responsible for managing the vast majority of Dragonfish’s gaming rooms. Cassava Enterprise is currently owned by 888 Holdings, and the main reason why they are so popular is because of their secure payment processing services, and the fact that they can get a new site registered and licensed in next to no time. As we mentioned before, Dragonfish software provides many advantages, but if you are tired of seeing the exact same layout on all of their bingo sites, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Possibly the most popular of all bingo software providers, is Dragonfish. They currently provide software for some of the biggest names in online bingo, including Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, and Costa Bingo. There are said to be over 100 websites on the Dragonfish network, and this has both it’s pro’s, and it’s cons.

While the solid support and the wide array of games available make Dragonfish one of the most sought after software providers, it’s becoming increasingly frustrating trying to find a Dragonfish network site which doesn’t look exactly the same as the last one. The home pages may be different, but everything else is practically the same!

On the flip side, because all of the Dragonfish websites are part of the same network, all of the promotions tend to be the same. Why is this good? Because Dragonfish have some of the most generous promotions and give-aways in bingo. Couple this generosity with brand familiarity, and a huge, active community and you can see why Dragonfish are one of the top players in providing bingo software.

Gamesys Bingo Sites

A bingo software provider which takes customisation just a step further, is Gamesys. Offering a tailor made solution for new bingo websites, Gamesys can attribute it’s success to the fact that each website within it’s network is completely unique, and is not linked to any other site, in any way.

For a bingo network, that is usually unheard of!

Thanks to their brilliant marketing schemes and their completely personalised service, Gamesys software has helped provide software for some of the most popular bingo websites on the planet, including JackpotJoy and Sun Bingo. These 2 sites alone, attract over 5 million active users, making Gamesys bingo software one of the most commonly used software's on the internet.

Micro Gaming Bingo Sites

If you want a little bit more from your online bingo experience, then choosing to play on a site which uses the Micro Gaming Bingo Software would be the right choice for you. Although Micro Gaming do offer the more common bingo games such as 90 ball, and 75 ball, it is their huge selection of world-class slot games which make them such a hit. A few examples of popular websites which run the Micro Gaming Bingo Software are 32 Red Bingo, Betway Bingo, and JackpotCity Bingo.


Concluding Thoughts

Finding the perfect bingo software provider which suits all of your needs can be difficult, since there are so many available to choose from. Whether you are a casual bingo player, or whether you are looking to start your own bingo site, it is probably worth checking out a wide range of different bingo sites to find the one which is more suited to your preferences.

Choosing one of the more popular software providers definitely has it’s benefits, and if you are looking for a trusted, and reliable gaming experience, then you can’t go wrong. However, if you want something a little different, and outside-of-the-box, then don’t forget the 80+ other software providers which are available. Finding the right one may take some time, but I can promise it will be a whole lot of fun!