Bingo Success Stories 2014


Most people believe playing online bingo is all about gambling. However, when you go over the stories of those who take part in this entertainment on a regular basis, you can find amazing stories on how bingo sites can make people’s lives a lot more enjoyable and how sometimes, not everything is only about the money. Other pieces of bingo news, however, tell us of sadder tales related to human pettiness and how it affects us all.


Starting Off the Right Foot

One such lucky winner reveals the secret of how playing bingo changed his life. “I am the kind of person who people try to walk away from. I used to be very skeptical about everything and had evidence on how fate had determined everything would go wrong in my life. I always got off the wrong foot with everything. In fact, I would get up all grumpy and moody every morning. One day, a fellow co-worker suggested that I should take part in one of his favourite bingo sites: Mirror Bingo. I’m a sore loser so I though it was a bad idea. Anyway, I was very wrong. I had been planning a holiday with my wife for some time but never seemed to be able to gather the money and actually get there. What struck me first about bingo playing is that I started socializing more because most people who participate every morning are really easy-going. You can have a good laugh and the experience is not intimidating at all when you first go on. What’s more, I’ve made new friends and one of them even lives down the road from me. This is good news for a chap like me since I don’t have much free time. I was feeling a lot happier when a lucky strike hit me. At the beginning I couldn’t believe I had actually won until I checked my balance. Lots of people kept on sending messages telling me I had won. Finally, the £250 I won helped me to go on holiday with my wife. If you ask me, I’d say playing bingo has made much life much better, and I’m not only thinking about the holiday.


Good Company and a Lifelong Dream

Darren an 89-year old pensioner has been playing bingo for over a year now and he can share his amazing story of success.

“I was bored on one particular sleepless night when I thought I might as well join. I live alone you see, and my grown-up children and grandchildren all live overseas. They never come because work and family commitments make it hard. I have plenty of free time but don’t have the means to travel. I had been saving for years to try and buy a ticket to visit my family. For an old person like me, living alone can get sad at times. I go in the mornings after I’ve had my coffee and have a good laugh with the people who join us. I never thought this was about winning until that day when I decided to have a go at the slots and I got the five lucky ladies. Can you imagine my surprise? £135,000! I had never seen so much money in my life! I’m packing right now, off to New Zealand to see one of my sons and his family. Thank you all! Sky Bingo has made this old granddad a great deal happier.”


Shocking Bingo News

It was the first months of 2014 and Mandy was carefully planning her wedding. After the engagement party, a sort of frustration had overcome the couple. There were so many expenses to be taken care of, so many details which sky-rocketed their initial wedding budget. One fine evening, Mandy recalls feeling overwhelmed by their financial situations. As she recalls: “ I was fooling around online when I came across a bingo site, I signed up for the £20 free try, just to give it a go, you see. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the flashy thing kept on telling me I had won over 3,000! I shouted so hard, my fiancé who was in the bathroom came running out with a towel around his waist and holding a cup in his hand. He looked at me and shouted: Where’s the spider? When I told him what it was about he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We had a good laugh over it afterwards. So much so, that our friends still mention it at dinner parties and gatherings. I never expected to get anything out of online bingo, let alone win £3,100, needless is to say that the money couldn’t have come at a better time. Our wedding plans are now well under way and I still engage every now and then. You never know, I was lucky once, why not twice?


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