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£50 FREE when you deposit £10




Choice of Games


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Dream Bingo offers a 500% first deposit bonus. So if you deposit £10 then you’ll get £60 to play!

My love and desire for playing various casino and bingo games – as always – keeps me busy, looking for the best online bingo sites that offer the magical combination of maximum pleasure, better odds of winning and best customer service (I’m not looking for much then!!). Luckily, this week I was able to find one without going through a lot of searching. Dream Bingo is one such online bingo site that is full of fun, very colorful, very different and full of new features and games that can keep my busy for hours. I think I found something quite special here. I played for literal hours, and I rarely found my self switching games or getting board. To top it off, I won some cash – which is never bad!!

As always with our reviews, let us do the hard work and share some good points about the site, so you do not waste your time thinking ‘is Dream Bingo right for me?’.

  • Easy Signing Up Method – the first thing that I really liked about this site is the easy signing in method. All I had to do is provide a handful of details, choose my username and password, and deposit a minimal amount to create my account. Once I was able to create the account, I was given access to a whole new world of online casino. I felt like I was actually in a real bingo hall, or casino -surrounded by various slot machines and people walking around. It sounds silly, but some bingo websites provide this immersion far better than others – Dream Bingo does really well here.
  • The Live Community – one thing that surprised me about this site is the Dream Bingo Community. The option to live chat and interact with other members in real time is the feature that I was not able to find in any other online sites. The website also offered me free credits and bonuses when I referred it to some of my friends and family members. This not only helped me create my own friends’ circle but also earned me many free credits and bonuses. We call this a win – win!
  • Diversity of Games – when you play casino game on regular basis, you get bored of playing the same games over and over again. You need something different to keep you motivated, and Dream Bingo has done so by offering me varied amount of bingo and casino games. The variety is so huge that I end up spending the whole month playing different games but the list did not seem to end. The variety is not only limited to games, you can find great variations in the payouts as well.
  • Safety & Security – when monetary transactions are involved, you need to make sure that the online site of choice is safe and secure. Dream Bingo not only offers a wide range of payment options but it also guarantees that the payments are safe and secure at all times.
  • Great Customer Service – with 24/7 live chat feature and very knowledgeable and friendly customer representatives, you get all the help you need instantly.
  • Mobile Friendly – I was able to enjoy playing my favorite game on Dream Bingo with great ease and comfort on my mobile phone any time I wanted to. A feature hardly available in most other online casino sites.


It’s very rare that we find bingo websites that perform as well as Dream does, allowing it to stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest players in the market. There are so many features, games and experiences to be had – we highly recommend you giving it a go. As mentioned earlier, on my testing of the site, I managed to win a sizeable amount of winnings – just from messing about. Combine this with the fact you can easily refer your friends, results in an all round enjoyable and potentially lucrative experience. We say – give it a go – and let us know if you enjoy it as much as we did. Go check it out.




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