Gala Bingo Review

Gala Bingo Review

£30 FREE when you deposit £5




Choice of Games


User Friendly


Gala Bingo as a brand, has been a mainstay in the United Kingdom for many years, growing in to one of the most popular Bingo companies in the country. In recent years it has launched an online bingo website, delivering a well run, easy to navigate and enjoyable bingo experience. The official Gala Bingo website claims it has more jackpots everyday than any other bingo site on the market, and pays out over £2 million to members every single day!

The website offers a large and varied range of bingo games. Including: ‘Top games’, ‘Slot games’, ‘Vegas games’, other fun games and strong promotions. As online bingo website, it really does cover all your needs. Below, we have the full Gala Bingo review, enjoy!

Bonuses & Promotions

400% first deposit bonus. So if you deposit £10 then you’ll get £50 to play!

Gala Bingo has a specific area of the website where it keeps all of the current promotions. The ‘Promotions’ tab is updated frequently, highlighting daily & weekly promotions for the website.


The community in Gala Bingo needs to be highlighted, as it is an innovative and strong feature of the website. The option to live chat with other members is a great feature, helping to create a really genuine community spirit with other members.  The community section even has a page on ‘chat lingo’, helping new users to get involved with conversations from the start. Interestingly, the website allows you to ‘refer a friend’; so not only can you play bingo with a buddy- but you are also rewarded with free credit and bonus to do so.


Gala Bingo excels at offering a varied amount of bingo and casino games for users to play. A lot of bingo websites offer a more limited selection, focussing on '75' and '90 ball' versions of the game, Gala offers more…

It offers all of the traditional bingo games, with multiple tables and jackpot levels, ranging from the small – to the mighty, exemplified by their £25k jackpot games! However, bingo isn’t the only game Gala offers on their website. They offer multiple casino/slot games, which they call ‘Vegas’, from Blackjack to Roulette; they allow for the perfect break from a hard day at the bingo table! In addition, they also cater for all budgets, ranging from 10p to £10  – so anyone can enjoy what ‘Vegas’ has to offer.

Signing up

Signing up with this website couldn’t be easier. It allows new users to quickly start playing bingo in no time. All you need to do is provide a handful of details, choose your username and password for the website, and deposit some money to play! Quick, simple and enjoyable, especially when you use our joining bonus.


Like all large online bingo companies, Gala offers a wide-ranging amount of payment options, suiting all users needs. The varied amount of options makes this bingo website accessible to almost everyone.

Customer support 

Gala Bingo offers a strong customer support safety net for its users. They have a simple to navigate ‘Self Help’ area for simple help requests. In addition to this they have a 24/7 live chat feature with their staff, a 24/7 phone help line and a support email. They now provide support 24/7 & 365 days a year. All the help needs of players are covered by Gala, offering a great support service.

Mobile / ‘On The Go’?

Gala also offers an enjoyable mobile option, for those members who wish to play on the go. The mobile offering has over 30 of Gala’s best games, and an App is available for the Ipad & Iphone. This feature allows you to play bingo wherever and whenever you want.


So concluding the Gala Bingo review, it's strength as a bingo website stems from the community spirit it has built over the last couple of years. It has a created an environment suited for relaxed gaming, where a like-minded group of people can come together to enjoy bingo in a top notch environment.

With the bonuses & promotions on offer by Gala, there exists a clear incentive to play with them. This, coupled with their large amount of games and friendly environment, makes Gala a great bingo website to play with.



  1. Gala bingo is one of the best sites I’ve played bingo on. It’s great value for money and easy to play on, I recommend it to most of my friends.

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