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Lambrini and teams up to provide Bingo gaming experience like never before!


If there is one thing that the internet world is truly buzzing with then it’s got to be the latest dose of online bingo news from across the globe. So here is an interesting piece of news for all you online bingo lovers out there. Halewood International have very recently launched into the market an all new on pack promotion following the tie-up with the online site, Cheeky Bingo via its Lambrini Brand.


As we all know Halewood International is one of the most popular and leading independent drinks manufacturer in UK. And now they want to take their label a step ahead by making foray into the world of Online Bingo Games. The on pack offer launched by the brand will be made available across a range of its Lambrini wine flavors. When it comes to a brand name such as Halewood we simply can’t expect anything mediocre. The company is all set to ransack the online world with proper pomp and display. To give real wings to their promotional endeavors the very famous ATOM Marketing is hired already. This although reflects a significant audience overlap for both the Lambrini and Cheeky Bingo brands. They are set to target especially the female demography of the audience between 21 to 34 years of age.


The online pack will run on nothing less than 1.3 million bottles across the Lambrini Original 1.5lts and 75cl Lambrini Original in the variants of Cherry, Peach and Rose. These bottles will come along with promotional labels and will also include unique code to claim. You never know you could be the lucky one to win 5 free tickets worth £5 each. So the question is how can you participate and win? It’s simply. To win such exciting prizes you shall have to play Lambrini Sparkling Jackpot during the last Friday of each month between May to August at If you stars are in your favour you might as well get lucky to win a total jackpot of £10,000.


Loma Tweed, the brand manager for Lamnbrini at Halewood International made a formal announcement which said, “The …on pack offer will engage with and reward many of our Lambrini fans, by offering them a chance to win a guaranteed £10,000 every month…Lambrini is always looking for new ways to engage with our loyal customer base, and Friday night online bingo is a perfect match for our consumers to enjoy nights in with friends.”


So with this announcement there is definitely some cool stuff and good news for online bingo fans to look forward to. The brand is all set to take your gaming experience to the next level and they are putting in every effort to confirm the same. Danny Mahon, the head of marketing for Cheeky Bingo further added that the players are in for unimaginable fun and chat online. They are excited about the partnership all set to happen and they are definitely looking forward to welcome Lambrini fans with open arms at


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Bingo news by: Jenny Jones

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