No Deposit Bingo Sites

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Are you confused about where to play free and no deposit bingo? If you are, we’re here to help! We have compiled what we think to be the best group of bingo providers that offer this type of game play. Below are our top picks. Enjoy!

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Play Bingo Without Money

Traditional bingo has been one of the UK’s most popular pastimes for many years. Bingo halls can be found up and down the country’s landscape, a testament to continued interest in this socially engaging game. Recently, online bingo has become equally as popular offering the chance to play in the comfort of your own home, while retaining the community feel that made the original game so fun to play.

With a flood of new users signing up to online bingo sites everyday, one of the initial concerns for many is how much they’ll need to spend to start playing. In many cases these players might never have even stepped into a physical bingo hall and therefore might not be immediately comfortable with the rules, despite being generally simple. Of course, this is completely understandable as no one wants to lose out on hard-earned cash while learning the ins and outs of the game.


No Deposit Bingo

To help ease new players into the world of online bingo many sites offer what is known as no deposit bingo. So what exactly does no deposit mean, and it is the same as free bingo, another popular promotion you might have come across? In some cases you will find both of these offers, bundled together and each site has their own restrictions on how they are redeemed as well. So although initially it might seem a little confusing, generally what you’ll find is a very straightforward affair.

Many bingo sites advertise what’s known as a signup bonus, whereby they match your initial deposit by a certain amount. You might deposit £10 and get a total of £30 back, a 200% increase in your deposit. With this style of play, you won’t even have to add any funds, and instead will get a free balance to play with.

This is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a penny before getting into the action. Usually the amount given will be somewhat modest and nowhere near the top end of a signup bonus, which can, for instance, give £250 to play with on a £100 initial deposit. What kind of limitations can you expect with a free bingo bonus promotion? Often, you’ll have a limited time to use the free playing money or be required to deposit a certain amount to withdraw any winnings you might receive when spending the initial bonus.

Some sites might limit the time of day you can play these rooms as well. Still, considering there’s absolutely no outlay required upfront it remains a very good deal and one that can start you on a journey of winning big in the full paid rooms. Also many of these sites will offer another type of free bingo where you can play for free even well beyond the initial signup stage, but again at certain times of the day.


What Are You Waiting For?

By now, you should have a firm grasp on what can be expected when signing up for a no deposit bingo site. The only thing left to do is look around some of the top rated sites and get started.